Structural Materials

NAT conducts extensive internal R&D work and provides a range of services related to the field of high-performance plastics. This effort is spearheaded by Dr. Yosif Golfman. As a tribute to his seminal contributions to the field, an entire issue of the Journal of Advanced Materials was devoted to articles authored by Dr. Golfman (Advanced Material and Process Engineering).

The main areas of our activities are:

  • theoretical prediction of stiffness and strength of aerospace structural elements
  • design, technology development, and manufacturing of light-weight nanoscale structural parts based on thermoplastic composite polymers and carbon fiber textiles for aerospace applications and avionics. NAT technology is based on thermoplastic prepregs and a rapid prototyping approach without using autoclave equipment.
  • optimization of multi-layered laminate structures in order to increase delamination resistance, using cost-effective approaches including ultrasound-driven fiber insertion
  • development of highly thermally and oxidatively stable aerogel-insulated structural elements for aerospace applications by using spray-deposition and compression molding