NAT is Key Contractor on Fourth Grant for Reactive Innovations

BOSTON, November 8, 2007—Neo-Advent Technologies, LLC is selected to be a key co-development sub-contractor on a grant awarded to Reactive Innovations, LLC from the National Science Foundation. The goal is to formulate, design, and produce thin film flexible barrier coatings specifically for flexible OLEDs (FOLEDs).

One of the biggest advantages of OLEDs over other display technologies is the ability to fabricate them on flexible substrates, mainly because of the efficient, emissive, solid-state nature of the devices and the absence of viewing angle effects. Flexible substrates, including plastics, have several advantages over glass: ruggedness, robustness, ultra-low weight, conformability, and impact resistance. However, use of FOLEDs is hampered by limited lifetime exhibited by these displays. This is due to the ingress of water and oxygen into the device.

The project will be focused on the formulation, design and fabrication of a thin flexible film barrier coating for FOLEDs. The goal is a coating with outstanding barrier properties that can be applied with standard (non physical/chemical vapor deposition) coating processes. A commercialization partner, Universal Display Corporation, will assist the project by advising on FOLED coating requirements and evaluating barrier coated substrates with the goal of incorporating the barrier coating into their products.

Neo-Advent Technologies was founded in 2003 to develop cutting-edge technologies in pharmaceutical and material science.