Cannabis Formulation (Cannaceuticals)

Issues with Current Formulations

Formulation remains one of the central problems in maximizing the medical benefits of cannabis. The most common delivery methods are inhalation (by smoking or thermal vaporization of extracts), edibles, and tinctures. Although these products are available in the market, they have not been optimized to take advantage of the full potential of the therapeutic effects. Some of the problems are suboptimal delivery of the active ingredients, delayed action, and low or variable bioavailability.

For example, delivery of active cannabinoids by inhalation or by ingesting an edible can work well for normal and healthy individuals, but may be problematic for terminally ill and elderly patients. In such cases there are alternative methods such as buccal bioadhesive films. These formulations can effectively deliver therapeutics to those individuals.

Meeting the Challenges

Neo-Advent Technologies has the expertise to develop these bioadhesive formulations, and we can also develop other drug products optimized to deliver all of your active ingredients.

  • Solid dose forms (tablets, coated tablets, capsules, lozenges, bioadhesive films, etc.)
  • Semisolid formulations (creams, balms, ointments)
  • Liquids (suspensions, emulsions, stable micro- and nano-emulsions)
  • Application of nanotechnology for enhanced performance:
    • Liposomal formulations
    • Intraoral bioadhesive formulations
    • Oral formulations and taste masking
    • Increasing entourage effects (Interaction of cannabinoids and terpenes

Expert Knowledge, Years of Experience, Fast and Cost-Effective Services

At Neo-Advent Technologies we have over 20 years of experience in formulation for private companies and  government agencies. We pride ourselves on providing state of the art, cost-effective services to help streamline your cannaceutical or drug development program.

Cannaceutical Development Services

  • Custom cannabis and drug formulation development 
  • Analytical support (HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS, Franz cell, dissolution testing)
  • Stability studies (to insure formulation remains stable)
  • Process development for large scale production